Change of Dismissal Forms – When You Need One, When You Don’t


Hollymead Parents/Guardians,

A quick re-cap of when you need to send in dismissal information and when you don’t:

Change of Dismissal Forms are Required for the following activities:

-Girls on the Run (One can be sent in for each week, just put the two dates at the top)
-DI Meetings-each session
-SCA Meetings-each session
-Foster Art Club-each session
-Other clubs  or activities not managed/organized by the PTO

In addition, if your child’s regular dismissal plan is changing in any way, please send a note

or form in. This is to ensure that our students are dismissed correctly and safely after each

school day.  Please remind your child to give the form to their teacher as soon as they get

to school. Finally, be sure to put his/her first AND last name on any note that comes

to school.

Change of Dismissal Forms are not needed for the following:
(These are PTO activities and the main office has a list of participants)

-Marvelous Mondays Club
-Terrific Tuesdays Club
-French Classes
-Other PTO run clubs/TBD

Change of Dismissals are helpful if:

-You’re planning on picking your child up from school before 2:30 pm
(This will give teachers and the office staff a head’s up that you’ll be coming)

The forms can be found on the school web site under the Parents Tab.

Click Here to access the form! (5th Item on the list)

Please call the office at 434.973.8301 if you have any questions.

Thank you!