Cold Weather Recess Policy

Parents & Guardians,

Please be sure to dress you child appropriately for the weather.

The high tomorrow will be in the mid-upper 30’s and we want to be sure our students are safe and comfortable.

As a reminder, the Hollymead cold weather policy is as follows…
1. Temperatures 40 degrees or lower require coats and long pants
2. Indoor recess will be held when temperatures are below 25 degrees (and is based on wind-chill temps.)
3. A lot of students like to wear shorts all year long. Please encourage them to wear sweat pants over their shorts. Then they will have long pants for outside and shorts for inside.
4. If students are not dressed appropriately, they will stay inside at recess.

Our students look forward to recess and we don’t want to keep them in if they are not dressed appropriately!

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions, please contact the office.