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Thanks for everything!

Dear Hollymead Community,

This is my last day working at our school and I am writing to you with a message of gratitude. As I sit here reflecting on the last four years I feel a great appreciation for the opportunity to serve the children, families, and staff here at Hollymead. Even more than that, I feel grateful that you entrusted me to help lead in educating the children of this area. Thank you for all the high fives, fist bumps, smiles, and other gifts, especially forgiving me when I got a name wrong!

Hollymead is a special place and I’m sure that the new administrators and staff will continue to push for excellence. Please welcome them in the same warm way that you welcomed and supported me.

Thanks again,
Staci England

Spelling Bee

During the morning of January 10th all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will participate in a written qualifying bee that will consist of 25 words. The top spellers from this written competition will advance to the oral spelling bee that will be held on January 19th at 8:15 am. Parents and families are invited to come and watch the oral competition on the 19th. The top speller from the oral competition will advance to the Albemarle County Spelling Bee which will be held on February 5th. Resources for studying can be found at


2017-18 calendar development is underway, and community feedback is an essential part of the process. The ACPS Calendar Committee has produced a first draft of the 2017-18 calendar, which is posted online for feedback. The calendar survey will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on November 1.

Monday Assembly

This is a reminder that we will have a school assembly Monday morning that is a musical called “Hugs and Kisses”. This enjoyable, award-winning, musical is co-produced by Virginia Repertory Theater, the Virginia Department of Social Services and Prevent Child Abuse of Virginia. It has won acclaim and has been shown statewide for more than twenty-five years.

This play is designed for children in grades K – 5 and introduces the concepts of good touch, bad touch, and secret touch in a sensitive and age appropriate manner. As part of the play children are encouraged to seek out and tell trusted adults, such as parents and teachers, whenever they feel there is a dangerous or harmful situation.

The characters in the play include Hugs, the dog, Judy, the new girl in the neighborhood, and friends, Mike, Al, and Betsy. Judy has been hurt by someone and does not know what to do. With the help of her friends, she learns the difference between good touch, bad touch, and secret touch and finds the courage to tell her teacher. The story ends with the real actors talking to the audience about personal safety.

If you would like more information about the play visit the Virginia Repertory Theater website at: