6th Grade Robotics

To Parents of Sixth Graders,

If your child is interested in participating on a Sutherland FLL Robotics team, please have them attend a meeting in room A-4 this Thursday after school from 4:00-5:00.  After this initial meeting, we will meet weekly so students can learn how to build and program a competition robot.  No previous experience is required, just interest.  If you want to know more about FLL, visit the following site:


If you have any questions, email me at dmccullough@k12albemarle.org  I look forward to working with the students!

Diana McCullough

Gifted Resource

Friday Message

Happy Friday, Sharks!

And happy Dance Day, as well. A terrific Friday here at SMS that finally reminds us that Spring is almost here. Students are heading down to the Red Carpet Dance this afternoon complete with its own basketball tournament. We have had an action-packed week here at SMS. Two nights of Volleyball for our girls started the week. All of our team did a terrific job. 7th graders had the yearly Career Expo trip on Tuesday, which required the whole grade to journey over to UVA. We were finally able to celebrate the February birthdays on Wednesday, and can now look ahead to the March birthdays to schedule a date. All in all, a very productive week. Coming up, the busy agendas continue as we get one week closer to Spring Break. Our 8th grade class will be busy next week as we have the Writing SOLs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Come Friday, a small number of our 8th graders head to Washington DC for the Fine Arts Trip. Our girls also have two volleyball games again next week. Lots to look forward to! On with the announcements…

Next Week @ SMS:

Monday, March 19th: Teal Day
5:00 – 8:00 PM: Volleyball @ SMS
Tuesday, March 20th: Black Day
1st and 2nd Blocks: 8th Grade Writing SOL (multiple choice test)
Wednesday, March 21st: Teal Day
1st and 2nd Blocks: 8th Grade Writing SOL (prompt)
Middle School Choral Assessment @ Burley
Thursday, March 22nd: Black Day
SOL make-up tests
Friday, March 23rd: Teal Day
Fine Arts trip to DC (all weekend)
Junior Regional Orchestra
SOL Make-up tests

News from SMS:

Sutherland will be participating in the Neighbors-4-Neighbors School Food Drive starting March 5 through March 23. Please send in canned foods, peanut butter, cereal, pasta, baby food or any other boxed food. We appreciate your support.

SCA is promoting certain days next week for food. The days are the following:

Macaroni Monday (or any pasta)
Taco Tuesday (canned or boxed items used for making tacos)
Wheaties Wednesday (or any other cereal)
Tuna Thursday
Canned Food Friday

Donut Day is Friday, March 23rd, and the PTO is in need a few items. Please check out the included SUG. Thank you! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080d4bafab2fa2f85-smsdonut

Sutherland Parks and Rec Track Information – Sutherland track registration forms are available at Sutherland on the table by the cafeteria or on the Albemarle County Parks and Rec website below.   The forms are due in by Tuesday March 27th and practice begins on the Monday after Spring break.   Please see the registration form for more details.  https://www.albemarle.org/department.asp?department=parks&relpage=2896

Friday Message

Happy Friday, Sharks!

What a whirlwind of a week here. Lots of activities both this week and coming up next week as well. Last night, our seventh grade Band students ventured north to Madison County for a terrific concert. Today, the 8th grade Band has a trip over to Burley Middle School. Wednesday saw a few of our students compete in the Piedmont Regional Science Fair. Five of our Sharks got honorable mentions and two students from Sutherland won first place in Computer Sciences. Way to go Alan and Logan, as well as Reilly, Katie, Sophia, Sam, and Alden! Wednesday morning was also the Hoops for Heart event down in the gym where a number of our students participated. Today, we have the Talent Show from 2 PM – 4PM and a modified class schedule to accommodate this fantastic event. Lots of students will be on stage showcasing their many talents, so I am sure it will be a great time. Just a reminder that dismissal for early pick-ups will take longer during the last two hours due to the show.

Coming up next week, we have a flurry of activity (and a chance of snow). Both Monday night and Tuesday night from 5 – 8 PM, we have volleyball games here at SMS. The whole 7th grade is also on a field trip Tuesday to the annual Career Expo. Friday night, we have a dance from 4 – 6 PM to help support the Fine Arts trip coming up soon. Busy busy.

Coming home with students today will be a letter regarding the National School Walk-Out that takes place this coming Wednesday at 10:00. For those who may have missed the county announcements, this is a 17-minute walk-out where students across the nation have been encouraged to walk out of their schools to show their support for ending gun violence. It is important for you to know that teachers and administrators will neither encourage nor discourage participation in these protests, nor will our staff participate, other than to provide supervision.  Our goal is to keep students safe. We would ask each of you to review the letter that comes home with your child today and have a discussion to see your child’s feelings regarding the walk out. Please know that we will not prevent any child from participating in the event. There is no consequence for those who choose to walk out unless students leave school grounds. Several of our SCA students have an event planned for those who choose to walk outside. Class will continue as normal for those who choose to stay inside. After you review the letter, should you have any questions, please contact us on either Monday or Tuesday.

Lots of reading! That’s all for me for the day. Off to the Talent Show. Have a terrific weekend and hopefully, we will see you Monday (0 inches – 8 inches of snow…seriously?)

Next Week @ SMS: 

Monday, March 12th: Black Day
5:00 – 8:00 PM: Volleyball
Tuesday, March 13th: Teal Day
Morning: 7th grade field trip to the Career Expo
5:00 – 8:00 PM: Volleyball
Wednesday, March 14th: Black Day
Thursday, March 15th: Teal Day
Friday, March 16th: Black Day
4:00 – 6:00 PM: Dance!

News from SMS:

Hello Parents with Daughters here at SMS, The Village School in Charlottesville hosts a GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math) tournament every year.  This year the date is Saturday, April 21 from 1:30 to 6:00 PM.  Parents will be responsible for transportation and there is a nominal fee (tbd) that covers a T-shirt and snacks.  Girls work in teams of 4 to solve fun and challenging math problems and activities.  It is open to grades 6-8. If your daughter would like to participate, please email me by next Wednesday, March 14th.  Space is often limited so I will take names in the order I receive them.

My email address is dmccullough@k12albemarle.org . Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Diana McCullough

Sutherland will be participating in the Neighbors-4-Neighbors School Food Drive starting March 5 through March 23. Please send in canned foods, peanut butter, cereal, pasta, baby food or any other boxed food. We appreciate your support.

Friday Message

Happy Wind-Day, Sharks!

For those without power, and I am sure there are many of you, I hope it is restored soon. Due to today’s closure, I am sure more announcements will come in Monday once staff returns, though we do have a few I will include below. Girls’ volleyball is now underway and won their first games last night here against Walton Middle School. We had an 8th grade Band trip scheduled for today that has tentatively been rescheduled for next Friday. Stay tuned for confirmation there. A reminder that HS Academy acceptances (MESA, HMSA, ESA) are slated to go out this afternoon after 4 PM. I believe that is still planned despite today’s closure. We have a very busy week ahead in terms of events, so I will jump into the schedule and what few announcements I have for now. Enjoy the long weekend, stay warm, hold on to your hats, and see you soon!

Next Week @ SMS:

Monday, March 5th: Teal Day
Tuesday, March 6th: Black Day
  6:30 – 7:30 PM: Band Boosters meeting
Wednesday, March 7th: Teal Day
  Science Fair trip w/ Mrs. McCullough
Jump Rope for Heart
7:00 PM: PTO meeting
Thursday, March 8th: Black Day
  7th grade Band to Wetsel Middle School (Madison County)
Friday, March 9th: Teal Day
  2:00 – 4:00 PM: Talent Show (be advised, all classes shortened)

News from SMS:

Sutherland will be participating in the Neighbors-4-Neighbors School Food Drive starting March 5 through March 23. Please send in canned foods, peanut butter, cereal, pasta, baby food or any other boxed food. We appreciate your support.

All seventh graders will attend the annual Career Expo on Tuesday March 13th.  The Expo will be held at UVA Newcomb Hall.  We will leave school around 10:15 and return at 12:45.  If you do not give permission for your child to attend this activity, please contact the school’s counselors.

Monday News Items

As promised, 2 items for your Monday morning:

  1. Hello 8th Grade Parents!!  The date for the 8th Grade Dance has been set for Saturday April 28th from 5:30-8 pm. Set-up for the dance will take place Friday April 27th from 4 pm until complete.  We would love to have as many parents involved as possible in order to make this a wonderful celebration for our 8th grade children.  Many hands make for light work!  Our plan is to make this a simple, fun evening for our children where they can eat a delicious meal and just have fun hanging out together. It is our hope that moving the dance back to Saturday evening will enable more parents to be involved in the dance preparations on Friday night and will permit all 8th grade parents to spend time with their children prior to the dance on Saturday! We will meet at Timberwood Grill this Friday, March 2nd from 4-6pm to get some input and make some decisions on theme/decorations/food/gift etc.  All 8th grade parents are welcome!!  PLEASE drop by to see how you can help us make the dance a success for our 8th graders. If you cannot attend but wish to help please email Lynette Sanford at sanfordlynette@yahoo.com or Erin Swansiger at rswansiger10007@comcast.net. Many thanks!!

2. On behalf of the student body and myself, I would like to thanks the Sutherland teachers and staff, the AHS Honor Society students, and our parents, who together made the 24th annual carnival a success! We greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts to ensure a memorable night of fun for all.  Thank you. Gayle Rainey, Carnival Chairperson

Friday Message

Happy Friday, Sharks!

The day almost got away from me! A full week here at SMS that is, as of now, still rolling on as we prepare for tonight’s Carnival. We expect a packed house for this event. Just a reminder that Carnival ends at 9:00 PM. Please make sure you are here to pick up your child at the end of the event. We will open the doors at 6 PM. Each grade uses a different entrance, so look for signs outside to help guide those who did not hear the announcements at lunch. We hope everyone has fun tonight.

The last 24 hours have been busy here at Sutherland. We had the 7th grade field trip to the Paramount today for the show. Students made it back and reported it was a great time. We also say welcome to next year’s Principal, Mrs. Megan Wood, who was appointed at last night’s School Board Meeting. If you have seen the press release, hopefully you saw that Mrs. Wood is very familiar with Sutherland as she served as an Instructional Coach here at SMS prior to becoming an assistant principal over at AHS. In addition, she has an extensive background as a middle school teacher, having taught at two other county middle schools.  Megan will make a great addition to the team!

Looking ahead to next week, we say hello to March. That happened quickly. We have a fairly normal week ahead, which means very few announcements this week. We will see a few of you this evening, but for those we miss: have a terrific weekend!

Next Week @ SMS:
Monday, February 26th: Teal Day
Tuesday, February 27th: Black Day
Wednesday, February 28th: Teal Day
Thursday, March 1st: Black Day
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM: Girls Volleyball Verses Walton
Friday, March 2nd: Teal Day
8th Grade Band to Burley

News from SMS:  No announcements at this time. I bet we get some on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Carnival Help Needed

The annual SMS CARNIVAL is THIS FRIDAY from 6 to 9 pm. We are down staff and parent volunteers due to the wicked viruses and flu that are rampant in our area, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is especially true in the gym area (where we will have 6 Inflatables this year) and for the security exits. PLEASE consider signing up for a slot so that we can keep all events open and provide supervision.

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ONLY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ALLOWED TO VOLUNTEER AT THE SMS CARNIVAL ARE FROM THE AHS HONOR SOCIETY.  We have been their service project for 15 years, and they provide us with all of the support we need from students. These students sign up via their high school sponsor teachers and not on the Sign-Up Genie itself.

Thanks for your support!

Gayle Rainey, Carnival Chairperson

Friday Message

Happy Friday, Sharks!

An outstanding week here at SMS. We had a lot of activity to keep our students engaged. Monday was the Division-wide Spelling Bee. Our student did a terrific job and placed in top levels. Thursday, we had two different fine art events. The whole school got to enjoy the 8th Grade and Jazz Bands perform a terrific show. Later in the day, our sixth grade Strings students ventured forth to MHS for the All-County Orchestra event. Continuing the fine-arts themed week, a reminder we have the Band Coffee House tonight starting at 6:30 PM.

Coming up next week, a reminder that Monday is now a normal school day to make up for one of our snow days. The big event will be the Carnival on Friday starting at 6:00 PM. Short and sweet today as the day has almost escaped me. We hope you have a terrific weekend!

Next Week @ SMS:

Monday, February 19th: Black Day
Tuesday, February 20th: Teal Day
Wednesday, February 21st: Black Day
Thursday, February 22nd: Teal Day
Friday, February 23rd: Black Day
6:00 – 9:00 PM: SMS Carnival

News from SMS:

  1. BOX TOPS are wanted! Please have your student bring in Box Tops by Friday, February 23rd. SCA is collecting Box Tops and we appreciate all donations.
  2. Please check with your students about any overdue Sutherland Library books—they’d have email about these. Books overdue or money owed from Jan. 23rd and before can prevent a student from attending Carnival. All students with overdue books have received multiple notices since the first semester’s end in their k12albemarle.org gmail accounts, with the most recent one having been sent on Thursday, Feb. 15. Thank you for your help in maintaining the library’s collection. Ms. Washko
    The Sutherland Carnival is slated for NEXT FRIDAY, and we need YOUR help in all areas, particularly with Security posts and supervision the Gym Area. PLEASE go on the Sign-up Genie link and sign up for a slot this weekend! This event IS the service project for the AHS Honor Society students every year, and they do a GREAT JOB, but they can’t do it all and we need parent support! The success of this annual event is truly attributable to the support of our teachers and staff, parents, and the AHS Honor Society students, who all work together to ensure that our students have an evening of fun. We can use your help in any area and timeframe that you are able to give us!

The Carnival Brochure and guest registration form are on the school website.

On Monday, students will be given a brochure during their Chomp class. Additional copies will be available in the main office, as well. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE CARNIVAL! For general carnival questions, please contact the Carnival Chairperson, Gayle Rainey, at grainey@k12albemarle.org
PARENT VOLUNTEER questions should go to Mary Beth Rogers at mbethrod@gmail.com
Sign Up Genie Link:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080d4bafab2fa2f85-smscarnival2

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, Sharks!  An unexpected 2-hour delay today will keep us on our toes. I have a few additions to the Friday Message from last week.

  1. Congrats to the Math Counts Team who went on to dominate this Saturday winning 1st place overall and advance to the State level in March. Team members won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th places in the individual competitions, and also 2nd place in the Countdown Round. Nice work!
  2. A correction from Friday: The Band Coffee House this Friday starts at 6:30 PM and goes to 8:30 PM. 
  3. Attention 7th Grade:  On Friday, February 23rd, the 7th grade will be going to the Paramount Theater to watch Freedom Riders. For more information you can visit the following website. The permission slips & $10.00 for the trip are due Friday of this week and can be found here.