Friday message

Happy Friday, Sharks!

We had a great week here at SMS as we geared up for several special events. The one receiving the most attention is today’s Corn Hole Tournament. NBC 29 ran a story this morning about today’s events. The raffle and tournament start today at 4:00 PM. Students must have a ride home at 6:00 PM. Thus far, we have raised roughly $1200.00 for the HEADStrong Foundation, a group dedicated to raising money for cancer research. Walking around the building today, one will find a lot of strange hairstyles and facial hair to celebrate today’s event. This week was also Spirit Week hosted by the SCA. Students have gone through Dress to Impress Day, Divergent Day, Geek Day, and Wacky Tacky Day. Today, in honor of the tournament, we have Shark Out Day.

This year, Sutherland is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This week, Mr. Vrhovac and Mrs. Morris hosted a luncheon for the former principals of the school. It was great to see four of the five former/current principals in the same room and hear stories about the school’s construction and earlier years. We have a few photos of the event on our Twitter Feed.

Along with all of this, our 8th grade drama students took a field trip to the Live Teen Arts Festival today. Students are always excited for special events such as this.

Finally, although this happened this past weekend, a special shout out to Nick Anglin in 7th grade. Nick and several other students from Mr. Bredder’s technology classes presented at Start-Up Charlottesville last weekend. This competition allowed students and adults alike to pitch ideas for startup companies or new and innovative technology. Nick took first place in the competition, beating out multiple adults with his baseball simulator. Amazing to see what our students can do both inside and outside of school.

Coming up next week:

Remember, we only have school Monday and Tuesday due to Thanksgiving Break

  1. Monday, November 24th: Teal Day
    1. Birthday celebrations 1t 3:30 for those students with a November birthday
  2. Tuesday, November 25th: Black Day
    1. Thanksgiving Break begins at 4:00

Have a great weekend and a great Thanksgiving, Sharks!