Hello Parents,

We are forming Destination Imagination teams here at Sutherland.  If your child is interested in being on a team, they need to stop by room A-4 in the sixth-grade hallway to pick up an application.  Applications are due back to me by next Thursday, September 21st.    Students are being given this information via morning announcements and posters.

DI is a creative, problem solving, team-building competition.  Students love it, as well as some adults who continue to volunteer year after year as a coach.  In short, students work on a team using creativity and problem-solving skills to accomplish a challenge chosen from several options by the team members.  They spend a good deal of time working between now and the competition (early spring) to prepare their solution for the judges.  It very often involves a skit or some type of improvisation.  It is a very exciting activity for kids of all ages.

At Sutherland, I try to find interested students early in the year so we can work on forming teams.  A team is limited to 7 members and it depends on how many interested students we have as to how many teams form and who is on each team.  This is a serious time commitment.  Students meet before or after school hours usually at school or a team member’s home.  The coach is a parent volunteer who has had DI coach training.  For some students and coaches alike, DI is a serious commitment.

To learn more, visit either of the following websites.



Please keep in mind that teams form early in order to begin work on their challenge.  Some independent teams actually begin work in the summer.  Therefore, the decision regarding participation needs to be made fairly quickly.  I hope to have the team(s) formed by September 29th.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.


Diana McCullough

Sutherland Middle School

Gifted Resource Teacher